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The Just Governance Group is a multinational and multidisciplinary network of professionals that support the development of just societies through its contribution to initiatives related to good governance. The Just Governance Group brings together specialists from various countries in the Americas and countries in other regions affected by conflict or in transition. 

JGG provides consulting services to multilateral 
organizations, development cooperation agencies, and national institutions on a range of democratic governance topics such as human rights, justice reform, gender equality, democratic development, conflict and peace. The network uses its consulting initiatives as a basis for reflection and comparative analysis on governance topics and development practice in its knowledge publications.  

 As a private company incorporated under the 
federal law in Canada, JGG identifies as an innovative social enterprise operating within network and learning business models. Its office is in Ottawa, Canada where it also hosts university interns.  JGG office staff liaise with country network contacts in Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Turkey and the occupied Palestinian Territories.

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