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Carmen Beatriz Ruiz

JGG Consultant, Bolivia Network Contact

Carmen Beatriz Ruiz is a Bolivian specialist in social communications, anthropology, human rights, women's rights, democratic citizenship and cultural diversity. She has extensive experience in institutional management and planning, monitoring, and evaluation. Ms.Ruiz holds a Masters of Social Sciences degree in Anthropology from the Universidad de la Cordillera, La Paz and a Bachelor of Communication Sciences degree from the Catholic University of Bolivia, as well as diplomas in Conflict Resolution and Executive Management in Ombudsman Institutions.  

A former deputy ombudsman for 
Bolivia, Ms.Ruiz has over 25 years of experience in innovative human rights promotion initiatives with non-governmental women's and rural development organizations, a community radio station, and social communications departments in the ministries responsible for gender affairs and for education. She has experience in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Nicaragua and El Salvador. She is currently a Just Governance Group consultant and research associate at the Institute for Rural Development in South America.