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Luis David Grajeda

​​JGG Consultant

Luis David Grajeda is a Guatemalan expert in planning, monitoring and evaluation of public policies and development programs, with particular expertise in education, communication, governance, human rights and local democratic development. Mr. Grajeda holds a PhD in Education from Universidad de la Salle, Costa Rica, a Master of Development and Social Management degree from the University of the Valley, Guatemala, and a Bachelor in Communication degree from the University of San Carlos, Guatemala. He has also studied mediation, facilitation of group dialogue, entrepreneurial behaviour and societal transitions to democracy. In addition to holding posts as a professor at several Guatemalan universities, he has worked for 20 years in Central and South America for a range of international cooperation agencies, including special missions and agencies of the United Nations and the European Union, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation for Agriculture (IICA), the Soros Foundation and European and national non-governmental organizations.
Mr. Grajeda is currently the executive director of Agenda 21, S.A., a Guatemalan development consulting firm. He has worked with the JGG on monitoring and evaluation consultancies for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and for Global Fairness Initiative projects in Guatemala and Nicaragua.  In the last eight years his professional and academic interests have focused on the study of new forms of social organization that respond to the conditions established by the information society and to the challenges of reform or construction of a multicultural and democratic state in developing countries. Mr. Grajeda has developed a theoretical model called "conversational networks" to advance these challenges.