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JGG Roundtable Events

JGG holds roundtable events about two to three times a year. The roundtable events cover a number of topics on justice, human rights, foreign policy, and gender equality, to name a few. Click on the link below to learn about our previous roundtable events and when future events will be held.

Next Roundtable Event:  more than a punitive exercise- how to position feminist monitoring, evaluation, and learning as a process to deepen social transformation? - June 10, 2019

Past Events

Where is the Power? Measuring Women's and Girls' EmPOWERment.

Featuring guest speaker Margaret Capelazo, Gender Advisor at CARE Canada. Nov 2018

Gender Responsive Budgeting: What are the challenges and tips for success?

Featuring guest speaker (online): Catharina Schmitz, Director of Gender and Human Rights at NIRAS Sweden. April 2018

Is Canada moving toward a feminist foreign policy? Implications for the Women, Peace and Security Agenda.

Featuring guest speaker Beth Woroniak, International Consultant. June 2017

"Where are the boys: A conversation around sexual and gender-based violence in conflict settings and fragile states"

Featuring guest speaker Tanya Zayed, Child Protections Consultant

Best Practice Documents

Knowledge Development and Exchange

JGG is a learning network. It seeks to promote knowledge development and exchange on thematic and development practice topics with the network's broader community of practice. 

Following each consulting project, JGG records consultants’ observations on thematic issues and professional practice. The cumulative analysis of these provides the network with data for selecting topics for its learning activities and publications. JGG’s publications include:  
Múltiples - an informative bulletin produced twice each year. The JGG network shares updates on the governance situation in its countries of focus, interviews with or opinions from governance experts, and links to resource materials on human rights, justice, democratic institutions, conflict and peace. 
Co-Praxis - a brief bulletin prepared by JGG core consultants once each year with research assistance by university interns. Research and reflections on good practices in development are shared with JGG’s broader learning community. 
JGG also
 organizes learning events and co-implements knowledge-building activities with learning partners.