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Murad Fares

JGG consultant, Palestinian Network Contact

Murad El Fares is a Palestinian legal expert, whose key practice areas are legislative drafting and law related to business, commerce, banking, income tax, electronic transactions, telecommunications, competition (antitrust) and industry regulations. Mr.El Fares holds a Master of Laws degree from Duke University, North Carolina, a Master of Laws degree in Commercial Law from Birzeit University, and a Bachelor of Laws degree from Amman National University, Jordan. He is currently working as a legal advisor in the largest telecommunication company in Palestine, PALTEL. He has 19 years of professional experience in law.  

Mr.El Fares is a managing partner in ITTQAN, a law firm that provides consultation and legal advice to major Palestinian corporations, institutions and non-governmental organizations. He has worked in the fields of justice and legal reform in the West Back for USAID legal projects in Palestine, and as a local advisor to JGG for an evaluation of the Judicial Independence and Human Dignity Project. He also contributed to revising Law Schools Assessment in Palestine, (Al Quds University, An Najah National  University, Al-Ahliya,  Modern,  and  Hebron  University  Faculties of Law), a project that helped to identify opportunities for the Palestinian Justice Enhancement Program that have strengthened practical skills education in law schools.