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Truth, Reparations and Justice for Women Victims of the Armed Conflict in Colombia

The final evaluation of the Truth, Reparations and Justice for Women Victims of Armed Conflict Program was conducted by Indevelop, and led by Kimberly Inksater, between September and December 2013 at the request of the Embassy of Sweden in Colombia. The Program promoted the effective exercise of the rights of women to truth, justice and reparation in the context of the armed conflict in Colombia through initiatives with four target groups: i) women victims of violence; ii) civil society organizations representing a diverse range of groups; iii) state institutions with duties related to the exercise of human rights; and iv) the international community, especially cooperation agencies that form a coordinating group on gender. Interviews and meetings were held in Bogota, Villavicencio (Meta), and Pasto (Nariño), as well as via video conferencing.